for non-toxic samples
model: GBK 1.0

GLOVE BOX a simplified version of GBK 2.0

model: GBK 1.0

Designed to test the electrostatic properties of non-toxic compounds

Chamber dimensions (WxDxH):       1120x600x800mm       45x24x32"
Total dimensions (WxDxH):              1500xx700x900mm     60x28x36"
Automatic Rh% control:                   from ambient to 5% [V/V]
Air lock:                                            optional upon request
Iris ports:                                          optional upon request 
Continuous liner:                              optional upon request
HEPA filters                                      optional upon request
Interior lighting:                               safe LED lamps
Negative pressure control                optional upon request
Power supply:                                   110V / 230V